Hoshan Projects Company, Akareen, was established with the primary objective of delivering full interior design services from project conceptualization through to project execution for commercial and residential properties in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our professional team of designers are experts in developing three-dimensional branding, looking beyond the logo and corporate guidelines of our clients brands to integrate the values and objectives that their businesses stand for into our interiors.

This ensures that each project reflects and compliments the diverse and distinct needs of our customers, incorporating the unique characteristics they embody.

Our service

Our advanced designs are flexible enough to be duplicated and implemented across multiple locations whilst keeping the brand recognizable. We develop 3D renderings of each project so that clients can clearly visualize the different perspectives of a design and offer turnkey interior fit-out services as well as supervision for interior fit-out projects.

Our experience in interior branding includes the development of interior spaces for:
  • Residences (houses, compounds etc.)
  • Commercial Spaces (offices, Hospitality etc.)
  • Exhibition Designs
  • Museums
  • Retail Outlets
  • Residential (homes, compounds, apartment buildings etc.)

Our Projects

Project Name
Ministry of Education Head Quarter
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Offices – ladies Section
Salic offices
The red palace project
Regaining national Antiquities Exhibition National Museum
Ministry of water and Electricity in Qassim
Saudi Ambassador’s Residence in Ankara
Lusin Restaurant
Bugshan showroom
Acwa power Offices – Riyadh
Acwa power Offices – Dubai King Faisal Exhibition
King Saud Exhibition
King Faisal Foundation Offices
Zahra Breast Cancer Association Exhibit
King Abdullah Photo Gallery at the King Abdulaziz Public Library
King Abdul Aziz Darat Museum
Museum of Islamic Sciences at Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University
Capital Market Authority - HQ

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